South Pacific


Hi Marina, 

Kim and I are back home after our great 'South American Epic'. We had a ball. Can you believe that with all those flights only one hiccup? We got from Lima to Guayaquil via Bogata - It just added another country to our list!

Thank you for all the booking and advice. The hotels were fabulous, the cruises were amazing and the place was spectacular. We had to keep pinching ourselves because we couldn't believe where we were. One day we started on the Amazon in an outboard skiff at 5am and finished the day dining at an internationally renowned restaurant in Lima - unbelievable stuff!

I want to go back (in fact I did not want to come home) to see more of southern Chile - Patagonia is beautiful. I was totally thrilled - I stood on both the equator and the ‘end of the earth’ (Cape Horn) all in the one holiday!



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